Fall and Winter Camp Registration Open for Durham!

Wild for a day fall 2013Featuring: 

Wild for a Day: Nov 25, Jan 18, Jan 19(NEW!)

Dec 21-24 – Winter Solstice Camp

Dec 28 – Jan 1 – Nature Explorers Camp

Jan 4 – Jan 8 – Bushcraft Camp


Ice sculptureCome spend it with us to explore our nature trails, play games outside and have fun! We offer camps on teacher workdays or holidays when students have the day off from school. These sessions give campers a chance to return to the familiar sights and sounds of Piedmont Wildlife Center in the midst of a busy school year, or for new campers to experience PWC for the first time in one day-long session. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to be Wild for a Day! Each camp is 9am-3pm, with Extended Day available (8am-5:30pm).

 Wild HarvestView photo in message

On December 12th, join us for an adventure gathering cattails and calamus root, wild onion, evening primrose and potato-dandelion. This is the time of year to dig wild roots! This is a specialty class for adults to come for a unique day long experience in harvesting and gourmet cuisine. From well known to obscure wild edibles, we will feature the amazing flavors of our local wild root vegetables in the highest quality wild gourmet cooking adventure imaginable.
Last years Roots and Rhizomes class featured a sensational menu including wild root ravioli, wild root beer, lotus root stuffed with sausage, thistle-boar soup and an american ginseng- sasafrass infused sweet potato dessert!
This class is a part of the ongoing wild harvest series. This year round, hands-on series covers wild food harvesting, processing, and cuisine. Gain hands-on experiences gathering and enjoying food from the wild. The first half of each class will focus on identifying and harvesting plants and the second half will focus on processing the wild materials into high end culinary delights. Anyone can talk about wild foods but true learning comes through direct experience. These intensives pick up where other plant walks leave off. They are highly recommended for anyone who is interested in understanding harvesting or preparing wild edible foods through personal, hands-on experience. Find out how you can bring home the best of each season.

An amazing highlight of each Wild Harvest class is that we not only harvest our food directly from the wild, we also prepare it into an unforgettable gourmet meal which is complete with world class chef techniques in gastronomy and creative mixology.  An unparalleled gourmet meal is included at the end of every class.

This time, we are increasing our environmental stewardship and we are inviting people to bring their own washable plates and silverware

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Owl Prowl

A Nocturnal Adventure!

In early winter, local owls are coming back to their nesting sites to find their mate and get ready for their new family.  Owls become more vocal as they claim their territory and call to let their mate know they have returned for another mating season.  Join Gail Abrams on a trip to the Mason Farm Biological Reserve in Chapel Hill to listen and look for signs of screech, barred, and great horned owls. After we try our hand at calling owls, you’ll get to meet an eastern screech owl, barred owl and great horned owl up close!  Learn why owls are so important to the environment and what you can do to help.


Homeschool in the Wild Spring Session – Registration now open!



 Join us for a WILD Birthday Party!

barred owl
Athena the Barred Owl

Birthday Parties at Piedmont Wildlife Center are unforgettable!

Your young nature lover will be in awe of our amazing wildlife ambassadors and have a blast playing games outside!

Call 919-489-0900 to book your birthday. We host parties year-round and we do have indoor space to escape the weather if needed.