Mini BioBlitzes – 2018

From: September 6,2018 To: December 8,2018

This year, join PWC in a series of mini BioBlitzes. Rather than scour the park for all the species in 24 hours, we will be focused on certain taxon during each mini BioBlitz. Our very first mini BioBlitz will be held on April 26, 2018! We’ll recruit a couple of expert naturalists, use lots of volunteers, and help you learn as much as you can about our natural world!

Since it’s the year of the bird, what better way to celebrate than by leading an owl prowl and surveying our nocturnal raptors?! In years past we have documented brand new species to both North Carolina and to the United States! What will we find this year?

Join us and be amazed by the biodiversity that you can find in your own backyard. Don’t know anything about science? Don’t worry!