Y-Guide Field Trips

Y-Guide Field Trips

Kindle a lifelong interest in the outdoors!

ymca-logo-redThese field trip programs aim to support Y-guides that wish to provide their troop with fun and quality nature education! We want to help you give youth the opportunity to learn about nature from a hands-on experience. In these programs, we will share in-depth knowledge and a sense of personal connection to form a foundation of inspired lifelong learning.

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Choose from the following programs:

Wildlife Up Close
In this fun, engaging experience, students will meet a few of our wildlife ambassadors such as turtles, snakes, a dove, an opossum, and more. Have you been eager to see some of our native animals, but they elude you in the wild? Then you don’t want to miss this program. You may even get to touch a few of our ambassadors!

Raptors Alive!
A close-up look at birds of prey. Students will meet live raptors (see our raptors on our wildlife ambassador page) and learn the habits and habitats of these amazing birds. The raptors are some of the fiercest hunters over the skies of North Carolina. Students will meet these birds face to face and learn a few of their amazing adaptations. This program is packed with surprising facts, interesting stories and intriguing questions. Join us as we bring the world of the raptors alive for your students.

Animal Track Safari
Find signs left by the animals hidden all around you! Learn about browse, tracks, scat and other secret animal signs. Look at the wild with new eyes! Join us for a tracking adventure as we learn to read the clues that animals leave behind. Working together, we’ll find out more about the wild animals of our area by recognizing their patterns. This can be done in the schoolyard, on a forest field trip, or anywhere! Follow a secret trail through the woods to a hidden animal burrow. Make plaster casts of the tracks that we find and find out how to recognize the tracks of the animals of our area. This class is a celebration of hands on science and adventure.

Ecology Adventures
Through games, a guided naturalist hike and exploration, we will discover how everything in nature connects. See nature in action! Explore energy flow, interconnection, predator/prey dynamics and other natural systems that are at work in the wilds around us. Find the animals and plants nearby and learn how they interact.

Plant Safari
Discover new secrets about the wild plants growing in your schoolyard! This program includes little known plant lore, stories, games, and more. We will explore the science, folklore, and amazing facts about plants. Find plants used for food, dyes, medicine and more. Find out what puts the jewel in jewelweed, where to find a pawpaw fruit and how compass plant gets its name. Discover the wonderful breadth of food, medicine, tools, and art that wild plants can offer us.

Wild Bird Basics
Discover the wonders of the birds by observing their habits and behaviors. We will learn about the art and science of ornithology and discover what the birds can teach us about what is happening in our own backyards! We will also explore bird adaptations such as wing shape and beak shape, we will look up close at owl pellets, eggs, nests, feathers and more and we will go on a birdwatching walk with real binoculars!

Details – Special Y-Guide pricing

Base price: $125 per program hour (discounted rate)
Raptors Alive!: $50 additional fee

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To register your group for a field trip, contact us at (919) 489-0900 or at admin@piedmontwildlifecenter.org.