Phone number: 919-572-WILD (9453)

The goal of WildNet is to bridge the gap between citizens, animals, rehabilitators and veterinarians by building networks of communication between these groups.

What is WildNet?  A volunteer-run hotline that is manned 7 days a week from 8am – 8pm.  WildNet gives the public immediate information about wildlife in need.  When necessary, volunteers will also help with transportation of the animal to a rehabilitator or veterinarian.  Piedmont Wildlife Center provides supplies and support for rehabilitators and veterinarians collaborating with WildNet, as needed.

Why we need volunteers:

  • To educate the public on when an animal truly needs help.
  • Provide the public with educational and resourceful information about wildlife through our wildlife hotline.
  • To provide a transportation link between injured animals and rehabilitators.
  • Support local rehabilitators through donations of food and materials.
  • Develop a training manual for rescue techniques.

Interested in volunteering?  Fill out our volunteer registration form.


Collaboration with Rehabilitators and Vets is an important piece of WildNet

Rehabilitators will:

  • Communicate with other rehabilitators to effectively share information and help develop WildNet into an essential resource.
  • Provide rehabilitators with support, including training and needed supplies, to continue their much needed work.
  • Link rehabilitators with veterinarians to provide low-cost wildlife care.
  • Connect rehabilitators with volunteers to help manage the public, animals and supplies.

Veterinarians will:

  • Provide veterinary care to wildlife patients that need extensive care.
  • WildNet will provide veterinarians with training opportunities.
  • Gain experience working with local wildlife species.
  • Receive recognition for their efforts, including media attention in special cases.

If you are a rehabilitator or veterinarian interested in WildNet, please fill out the approrpirate form:

Veterinarian Registration Form

Rehabilitator Registration Form