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A community based wildlife rehabilitation program

Help bridge the gap between citizens, animals, rehabilitators and veterinarians by building
networks of communication between these groups.

Why Do We Need Volunteers?

  • To educate the public on when an animal truly needs help.
  • Provide the public with educational and resourceful information about wildlife through our hotline.
  • Provide a transportation link between injured animals and rehabilitators.
  • Support local rehabilitators through donations of food & materials.
  • Develop a training manual for rescue techniques.

Interested in volunteering?  Fill out our volunteer registration form.

WildNet gives the public immediate information about wildlife in need.
When necessary, volunteers will also help with transportation of the animal to a rehabilitator or veterinarian.  Piedmont Wildlife Center provides supplies and support for rehabilitators and veterinarians collaborating with WildNet, as needed.

call us919-572-WILD(9453)

This is a volunteer-run hotline manned 7 days a week from 8am – 8pm


  • Communicate with other rehabilitators to effectively share information and help develop WildNet into an essential resource.
  • Provide rehabilitators with support, including training and needed supplies, to continue their much needed work.
  • Link rehabilitators with veterinarians to provide low-cost wildlife care.
  • Connect rehabilitators with volunteers to help manage the public, animals and supplies.


  • Provide veterinary care to wildlife patients that need extensive care.
  • WildNet will provide veterinarians with training opportunities.
  • Gain experience working with local wildlife species.
  • Receive recognition for their efforts, including media attention in special cases.

Collaboration with Rehabilitators and Vets is an important piece of WildNet

If you are a rehabilitator or veterinarian interested in WildNet, please fill out the approrpirate form:

Veterinarian Registration Form
Rehabilitator Registration Form