Teen Outdoor Leadership Program

10553404_778068842244447_3651496936305599337_n2017!       June 12-16

Ages 13-17

Join this special rites of passage experience as you transition from being a participant to being a leader. This week is filled with team building activities, games and adventures with other teens, and nature experiences led by our most experienced staff together with our highest level teen leaders. This week is much more than a week of summer camp.  It is a step forward in your life.

As you stand on the threshold between being a camper and being a counselor, you are about to enter into a magical world where you have the power to shape your own adventure. Experience how it feels to step up as a powerful member of a community of all ages. You will strengthen your capacity to lead your peers as well as the children younger than you.  You will practice core outdoor skills of your own so that you can begin to teach others those same skills, and you will be challenged to grow. Most importantly, in this camp, you will gain the experience of being a leader which will help you in your life to come, not just in summer camp but in any arena you choose. Through team building games, practicing core skills like firebuilding and shelter building, leadership challenges and the personal guidance of mentors who care about your learning journey, in this camp, we are offering an initiation into a whole new world.

The leadership training program is for aspiring leaders from all communities.  The intention to become a CIT in our program is not required to be a part of this week of camp, however enrollment in the Teen Outdoor Leadership Program is now a pre-requisite for any new campers who are applying to be Counselors in Training for this summer and the summers to come.

Join us and cross over the threshold into a powerful new place in your life.