Teen Camps and Teen Backpacking Trips

2017 Camps for Teens 

and Adventure Trips for Teens

Teen Camp Schedule 2017

June 12 to June 16                 Teen Outdoor Leadership Program                  Ages 13 to 17                                                                                                        FULL – Waitlist Only!

June 19 to June 23                   Advance Survival Camp                                  Ages 13 to 17

July 10 to July 14                    Mountain Quest Camp: Otter Clan                   Ages 11 to 14                                                                                                         Only 2 Spots Left!         

 June 26 – 30                        Teen Archery Camp                                                        Ages 13 – 17

July 31 to Aug 4                    Mountain Quest Camp: Bear Clan                    Ages 14 to 17                                                                                                           Only 2 Spots Left!  

Aug 7 to Aug 11                    Teen Wolverine Camp                                          Ages 13 to 17

Register here for all Teen Camps, Youth Leadership Training and CIT Summer Camp Options. 

See also the CIT page for more information about how to apply for Counselor in Training Counselor in Training Program  (All weeks) (In order to be eligible for a CIT position for a teen program, you must be older than the age of the campers) 

 As they mature into teenagers, campers may choose to become CITs, or teen campers, or both.  This is a powerful choice.  Both pathways provide different kinds of learning.  However, if you wish to deepen your skills and become closer to nature, we highly recommend joining the teen camp experience. 

Our teen camps offer an opportunity to go far beyond the edge of what the camper has done before. We offer skills in outdoor living, archery, advanced survival, backpacking, naturalist knowledge, stealth movement, mixed martial arts, and more. These are skills that are unique and ultimately provide a pathway to get closer to the heart of nature. The teen camps offer a community of other teenagers who are connected to nature, supportive to each other, and deeply engaged in the passion for learning new skills. In these camps, you will be challenged at a level unreachable by younger groups and you will continue developing your knowledge and skills at new levels that are not taught in our other camps.

Our backpacking trips offer your teen the chance to climb mountains, swim in ice cold waterfalls, move in the shadows, develop your aim, agility and speed, develop leadership with your peers, gather plants from the wild for food and medicine, build advanced shelters, make fire by friction, meet the elements, and laugh into the night around the fireside after a long day of living outdoors.

Whichever challenge you choose, we create a community to support you, encourage you and bring you farther than you ever dreamed possible.

Piedmont Wildlife Center is located at Leigh Farm Park, near the intersection of NC-54 and I-40. Click here for directions.

For 4-7 year olds only!