Ranger Camp

Ranger Camp

Explore the Art of Archery

Teen Camp for ages 13-18


Join World Longbow Champion Alina Boyden for a week-long archery adventure in the woods of Leigh Farm Park.  Come shoot a bow and arrow the traditional way, as it was practiced by our ancestors.  Together, we will learn the fundamentals of longbow archery, experience the magic of “roving” in the forest, and hone our focus and accuracy through target-shooting games.  In addition, campers will work towards completing a series of four archery challenges that will allow them to prove their skills with the bow, just like the ancient rangers before them.


  • Roving Archery.  We move through the forest aiming at targets along the course.
  • Tracking exercises which culminate in a stalk to find the evil ogre destroying the woods, and then shooting him at distance.
  • Estimating range, to get an innate sense of distance.
  • Camouflage using natural materials.