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Meet Our Ambassadors

Wildlife Ambassadors

Our educational animals serve as ambassadors for their individual species. All of our ambassadors have permanent homes at PWC. They each came from a rescue situation, most commonly from an owner-surrender. Our raptors were all rehabilitated after obtaining extensive injuries, but deemed non-releasable due to their inability to fly.  Each ambassador has an important lesson to teach about wildlife conservation. Through their lessons, they teach citizens how easy it is to help conserve wildlife and our hope is that these lessons get passed on to others.

Arrange a visit with our Ambassadors

Give us a call at 919-489-0900 if you would like to have any of our wildlife ambassadors visit your group or school.

  • Species:Virginia Opossum(Didelphis virginiana)
  • Date Arrived:Jan 2018
  • Circumstance:Found as a baby in Wilmington, NC
  • Species:Mole Kingsnake(Lampropeltis calligaster)
  • Date Arrived:2017
  • Circumstance:Adopted from owner
  • Species:Common Raven(Corvus corax)
  • Date Arrived:December 2015
  • Circumstance:Found in Washington State by a hunter
  • Species:Mississippi Kite(Ictinia mississippiensis)
  • Date Arrived:December of 2015
  • Circumstance:Found as a juvenile in Richland County in South Carolina
  • Species:Eastern Screech Owl(Megascops asio)
  • Date Arrived:May 2009
  • Circumstance:Found in Wilkes County and unable to fly
  • Species:Red-tailed Hawk(Buteo jamaicensis)
  • Date Arrived:July 2009
  • Circumstance:Found in Gaston County with numerous injuries
  • Species:Barred Owl(Strix varia)
  • Date Arrived:Dec 2009
  • Circumstance:Found in Lincoln County with major feather damage
  • Species:Great Horned Owl(Bubo virginianus)
  • Date Arrived:Sep 2014
  • Circumstance:Presumably hit by a car
  • Species:Red-shouldered Hawk(Buteo lineatus)
  • Date Arrived:October 2014
  • Circumstance:Hit by a car
  • Species:Red-tailed Hawk(Buteo jamiacensis)
  • Date Arrived:Oct 2014
  • Circumstance:Found in Atlanta with an injured wing
  • Species:Barred Owl(Strix varia)
  • Date Arrived:December 9, 2015
  • Circumstance:--
  • Species:Domestic Rabbit(Oryctolagus cuniculus))
  • Date Arrived:Winter of 2013
  • Circumstance:Found on the side of the road in Durham, NC
  • Species:Eastern Milksnake(Lampropeltis triangulum)
  • Date Arrived:2013
  • Circumstance:Donated
  • Species:Eastern Corn Snake(Elaphe guttata)
  • Date Arrived:2007
  • Circumstance:Donated by the NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Species:Eastern Kingsnake(Lampropeltis getula)
  • Date Arrived:2011
  • Circumstance:Adopted
  • Species:Greenish Rat Snake(Elaphe obsoleta)
  • Date Arrived:2012
  • Circumstance:Adopted from a rescue situation
  • Species:Silky Ringneck Dove
  • Date Arrived:2009
  • Circumstance:Donated by “Birdman” Dave Gulick
  • Species:Eastern Diamondback Terrapin
  • Date Arrived:--
  • Circumstance:Her previous owners were downsizing their family
Sheldon, Shelly, Vinny, Legacy and Bob
  • Species:Eastern Box Turtles(Terrapene carolina)
  • Date Arrived:--
  • Circumstance:--