Earth Day Pledge 2014

Earth Day Pledge – 2015


Earth Day is quickly approaching.  Although we always try to treat every day like it’s earth day, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Face it, we’re humans, and a lot of us are lazy!  We throw away a plastic water bottle if we can’t find the proper receptacle.  It’s easier to throw veggie scraps in the trash than making a compost pile in our backyard.  We don’t unplug our electronics after we use them.  By the way, 20% of the energy we consume comes from leaving electronics plugged in when not in use.  All these little tasks can go a long way, if every person makes an effort.

So, this year, instead of just saying you’ll do something.  Take our pledge!   Have fun with it, and be creative!  Also, a big key in conservation is raising awareness!  Involve your kids, parents, friends, or neighbors.  Get others to take our pledge or start your own pledge!  We will be posting the pledges below.

Feel free to use any of these, or create your own:

  • Plant native wildflowers to attract pollinators.Stokesia laevis - Stokes Aster
  • Unplug all your appliances (when not in use) for the month of April.
  • Build a compost bin in your backyard for food/paper scraps.
  • Recycle everything you can – if there are no recycling bins around – take them home with you to recycle! Did you know you can recycle empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls?
  • Carry a Nalgene bottle (or other reuCompost-Binsable bottle) with you everywhere you go so you don’t have to waste cups or use plastic water bottles.
  • Raise awareness to others about how they can help.
  • Put up bird boxes in your yard (make sure you research the type of habitat needed and the requirements of the box.)
  • Buy fresh & local produce, instead of pre-packaged items.  Or just be more conscious about the amount of packaging used in certain ReusableBags-don'tforgetproducts.
  • Use reusable bags whenever you shop.
  • Create rain barrels and use them to water your garden or lawn.
  • Walk, Bike or Carpool


Also, take this fun and interactive Ecological Footprint Quiz to learn how many resources you need to sustain your life!

I pledge to:

  • plant native plants in my yard. Also, I pledge to purchase a container that can collect water runoff from brewing beer when my husband homebrews. – Sara Steffen, 4/14/15
  • unplug all electronic appliances for the month of April. I also pledge to make a compost bin for my backyard.- Courtney, 4/14/15
  • set up water barrels in my yard and do a better job of using my compost bin – Gail, 4/15/15
  • recycle everything I can, and to plant a organic vegetable garden. – Kellsie H, 4/15/15