Citizen Scientists

 Want to be a citizen scientist?


What is a citizen scientist?

  • Any volunteer, whom may or may not have any scientific training, that helps gather information for scientific study.

Want to be a citizen scientist?

You can help with our Box Turtle Connection study!

If you find a LIVE or DEAD Box Turtle in your backyard or anywhere else you can help!  All you have to do is:

  1. Take pictures like the two shown below.
  2. Send the pictures and your address (or GPS location) to:
  3. Fill out the data sheet, found HERE.
  4. Record your information in the Carolina Herp Atlas.  You need to register to submit your data.  Also note that the genus and species name for the Eastern Box Turtle is Terrapene carolina.
    If you don’t want to take this extra step, just let us know and we’ll enter it in for you
  5. Please return the turtle to the same location where you found it as soon as possible. We need our wild turtles to stay wild for future generations!

Turtle Carapace

Did You Know?

Each box turtle has it’s own unique markings, as you can see from these pictures:


At Piedmont Wildlife Center we mark our turtles so that if we ever find them again, we can identify them and keep track of how many turtles are located in the park.  When you send us pictures it helps us identify the turtles and when we find turtles in close proximity to one another, we will determine whether or not they are the same turtle!

By tracking, studying, marking and releasing turtles, we can learn a lot about the health of the box turtle population in this area.  Eastern box turtle populations are declining and we are determined to find out why.  Although we are marking turtles on our property, we are interested in the health of the box turtle population across the Triangle, including where turtles are likely to get hit by cars.