Childrens Weekend Classes

Children’s Weekend Nature Classes

Young Naturalist Series

Kids from 5 to 14 yrs  of age come out on Saturdays to learn about nature in these weekend classes.  Sign up for one class or the whole series.  If space is available, drop-ins are welcome.  Maximum class size is 16 participants.  Classes begin September 15!

When:  Saturdays, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, except for Whoooo’s Out There, meeting Sunday 3-5pm Dec. 9 

Where:  Meet at the Main Office

Wild Masks

October 27

Instructor: Karen McCall

Come join us to unleash your creativity.  We will walk through the woods focusing on the colors textures and shapes of nature, gathering nuts, seeds, lichen, leaves, and other treasures that spark our creative ideas.  In the spirit of fall and Halloween, we will use what we gather to create a beautiful mask to take home.

Going Batty!

November 3

Instructor: Victoria Rans

Bats!  Are they really creepy, blood-sucking creatures, or just helpful mosquito-eaters? We will learn all about bats and sort out the myths and the truths about these misunderstood creatures.  Also learn about bat anatomy, behavior, and ways we can help these fascinating mammals.  Participants will build a bat house to bring home.


The World of Camouflage

December 1

Instructor: Karen McCall

Why do animals blend into their surroundings; and how can we?  Come explore the world of camouflage as we examine several techniques various animals use to remain hidden. Hike through the woods trying to detect hidden creatures and practice camouflaging ourselves in order to pass undetected by others.

Winter Helpers

December 8

Instructor: Victoria Rans

For some animals, winter can be a very stressful time. In this class we will learn about how different animals in our area shelter and feed themselves through the winter and how you can help. Using native foods and plants, we will make beautiful garlands and other feeders that you can hang in your yard or on the edge of the woods that will attract and feed wildlife.

Whoooo’s Out There? – Canceled !

December 9, 3:00-5:00 pm

Instructor: Gail Abrams

Fall is a great time to learn more about our local owls as they return to nesting sites and prepare for mating season.  Come to Leigh Farm Park to meet Otus and Jesse, our screech owls, and Athena, the barred owl.  As dusk arrives, you will learn how owls fly silently, catch their prey, where they live and practice our owl language to see if any local owls will call back to us.

Registration Information:

Class Fees:  $10/PWC members, $15 for non-members      Walk-ins: $20

Please note:  Enter all 4 digits for the birth YEAR on the form even though you will only view 3 digits.  IF you have difficulties, please call our office to register.  Thank you for your patience!