Birthday Parties

Build your own Wildlife Birthday Party Adventure!

Choices include:

  • Wildlife Up Close: Meet live animals (snakes, dove, turtles, rabbit, opossum)
  • Meet a raptor (Eastern screech owl, Barred owl, Great horned owl, Red-tailed hawk, Red-shouldered hawk, Mississippi kite)
  • Nature scavenger hunt
  • Nature-themed games
  • Naturalist-led exploration and hike

Base price: $200 (includes up to 20 children and 6 chaperones)
$5/participant above 20 children or 6 chaperones

athena - adam prince

Raptors: $50 additional fee


Birthday party programs are booked for 90-minute time slots. This time includes the 60-minute program and access to the indoor classroom (in our cabin).
Birthday parties are scheduled at 11:00 am, and 2:00 pm, this includes a 1 hour program and 30 minutes for celebration time with use of our indoor classroom. Birthday party staff leave the premises and lock our cabin after this time, but party members are welcome to remain in the park until dusk.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What do most people do during a birthday party?

A: Most people book either the Wildlife Up Close or Raptor presentation. Depending on the interest level of the birthday child, we can also add on a nature hike, nature scavenger hunt, or game. Generally we spend about 40 minutes with meeting animals and 20 minutes on another activity; however, we can spend the entire hour talking about the animals!

Q.  What if it rains?

A.  If it happens to rain during your birthday party we will skip the outdoor portion of the program and stay inside for an extended animal presentation. If you have more than 20 guests we may need to reschedule the program due to the size of our classroom.

Q.  Can we bring decorations?

A. Yes, you may bring decorations. Due to the impact balloons can have on our environment, balloons are not allowed. All decorations will need to be removed from the cabin and park at the end of the party.

Q.  What kind of food do people usually bring?

A.  People tend to bring cupcakes or birthday cake, but you are welcome to bring any treat you like!

Q.  How many animals do we get to see in the presentation?

A.  Generally, we are able to present 4 or 5 animals. It depends on the interest of the group and how many questions people ask.

Q.  Where do we park?

A.  We have a large parking lot as you pull into the park. Parents are welcome to park near our Cabin to unload and load the birthday gear!


  Call for scheduling options: (919) 489-0900