At-School Program

Programs at Your School or Event


These programs are designed for small scale presentations at schools, scouting events, retirement homes and other community groups.  We will come to your site and offer indoor or outdoor presentations.

Photo Credit: Jackie Fritsch

Raptors Alive
A look up close at birds of prey. Students will meet live raptors (screech owl, barred owl and red-tailed hawk) and learn the habits and habitats of these amazing birds.  The raptors are some of the fiercest hunters over the skies of North Carolina.  Students will meet these birds face to face and learn a few of their amazing adaptations. This program is packed with surprising facts, interesting stories and intriguing questions. Join us as we bring the world of the raptors alive for your students.

Animal Track Safari
Bring an animal tracker to your door!  Find signs left by the animals hidden right in your schoolyard! Have a hands-on look at fur, teeth, skulls, and other animal treasures. Learn about browse, tracks, and other secret animal signs. Look at the schoolyard with new eyes! This dynamic program includes indoor presentation and optional schoolyard exploration.

Plant Safari
Bring a botanist to your school!  Discover new secrets about the wild plants growing in your schoolyard! This program includes little known plant lore, stories, games, and more. We will explore the science, folklore, and amazing facts about plants. We have the ability to bring the outdoors indoors, the schoolyard exploration component is optional but highly recommended.

The Wild Kingdom
Live Animal Program
In this program, we explore the world of wildlife with a special focus on what people can do to help wild animals.  In this fun, engaging experience, students will meet live box turtles, corn snakes, a bearded dragon lizard, a silky dove and more. Each of these animals has a story to tell and a lesson to teach us all about how we can help the wildlife in our own backyards. Our special focus will be on the needs of the native animals of the Piedmont of North Carolina.



$150 per program hour for up to 30 participants

$250 per program hour for 31 – 50 participants

$350 per program hour for 50 – 100 participants

$50 fee for raptors

If booking more than one program, $50 will be deducted from the second program if presented on the same day with no more than 15 minutes between programs.


Booking a Program:

To book a program, call our office at 919-489-0900 and one of our staff will be happy to provide more details and dates of availability.