Art of Mentoring

For the first time ever in the Southeast, we are creating an experience unlike any other…


April 7-12 2014

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Ask yourself:

  •  Do you wish for more connection between your own life, your community, and your work?
  • Are you looking for an experience that will transform your entire family, leave a legacy of empowerment for your children, and bring you closer together?
  • Do you wish to be part of a large, healthy, and regenerative community?
  • Do you have a strong, sincere desire to give back to the world that sustains us? 
  • Are you curious about the cultural elements that sustained entire communities over long periods of time?
  • Would you like to experience the renewal that comes from being in nature and learn how to draw insight from it?

The Art of Mentoring experience does just that, and more.

The intention of this program is to bring together people of all ages who seek a relationship with the land, each other, and themselves. We are given the tools we need to build a healthy, regenerative community in our own backyard. It’s an inter-generational village-mentoring experience that is truly transformational.

The primary purpose of the Art of Mentoring is to awaken what the late Lakota spiritual teacher and healer Gilbert Walking Bull called the “Seven Sacred Attributes”:

  1. The quiet mind, where you can hear the voice of spirit or instinct within you.
  2. The purity, innocence, and happiness of a child.
  3. Vitality and health, ”the quickness of a coyote.” To be like a wild animal.
  4. Deep listening and mentoring, a commitment to holding space for others.
  5. Empathy, compassion and unconditional love for all living things.
  6. Being truly helpful. A sense of your purpose, and bringing this gift to your people.
  7. Being fully alive, giving yourself fully to all that you do.

“At its best, the Art of Mentoring helps individuals realize their full potential to the benefit of their community”  Jon Young, Tracker and Storyteller

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