What to expect at our 4th Annual BioBlitz

Find new species and learn about yeast poop at our 4th annual BioBlitz!

Wait…what? You heard that right. Join our BioBlitz this year and you can learn all about the living organisms that surround us, including yeast.

Naturalists from across the Triangle will be leading hikes and want to share their knowledge with you and help you experience nature in a whole new way. Do you know who some of your wild neighbors are? How about the plants that are necessary for their survival? If you don’t, this is a great time for you to learn! Most people are surprised to learn about the amazing biodiversity that we have right here in Durham, NC. So, what should you expect at the BioBlitz?

Our events Friday night start at 6pm. You’ll have opportunities to learn from the experts and join inventory hikes, go on an Owl Prowl and meet live owls, become an expert at frog calls, enjoy the woods at night by a campfire, and even search for nocturnal critters.

On Saturday, the early bird gets the worm. Our first hike at 7am will help you identify birds both by sight and sound. Throughout the day, we’ll have a plethora of short live-animal programs, multiple inventory hikes to identify plants, trees, mushrooms, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and more. We’ll also have a few family-oriented activities where you can learn about different ways to get involved with science at home. In case that’s not enough, our CITs (counselors-in-training) will be leading sessions on how to make fires, demonstrate nature journaling, and more.

While you’re waiting for your hike to start on Saturday, try a couple of the yeast-forward beers by Brewery Bhavana and grab a slice or two from Marco’s pizza. Brewery Bhavana will be talking about how microorganisms, like yeast, play a crucial role in the flavor of a beer and you’ll learn all about yeast poop! We hope you can join us for a nature-filled event on May 19 and May 20. This is a free event, but donations are greatly appreciated. A program schedule will be available next week. No registration required.


In past years our experts have identified new insects never found before in NC and the US. Last year, one of our experts was inventorying insects that lay eggs in leaves. He collected a sample and had to wait until the eggs hatch. Turns out that the species that hatched has never been documented before! The description and name of the fly is still being processed.

Entirely new species!:
This fly is in the genus Calycomyza.

First record for the US:

Agallia modesta – previously only known from Mexico through Panama.

New records for NC:

1 treehopper – Telamona concave
2 leafhoppers – Ossiannilssonola tunicarubra and Agalliopsis cervina.
Honeycomb Moth – Argyresthia alternatella
Fly – Calycomyza michiganensis – previously only documented in Michigan.

Second record for NC:
Bunchberry Leaffolder Moth – Olethreutes connectum
Crescent marked Bondia – Bondia crescentella
Maple Tip Borer Moth – Episimus tyrius
Moth – Larisa subsolana

Had been identified, but never documented with photos in NC:
Mea bipunctella (second photo in NC)
Philonome clemensella (second photo in NC)
Argyresthia oreasella (first photo for NC, only the 4th record)