Announcing Our Spring Childrens’ Programs!

We hope that you will join us this winter and spring for outdoor wilderness exploration, community and fun. We have opened registration for the following programs: Winter camps Spring camps Wild for a day Take a peek at the sneak preview of our Spring Adult Weekend Classes.  The new adult classes begin in January.  Topics [...]

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Plywood Experiment Update

I just wanted to give a little update on what has been happening with my plywood experiment.  First off the original two pieces of plywood have not been yielding much in the way of anything.  Plywood piece number one has been the most successful out of the two, but only yielding some various arthropods and [...]

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Welcome to the World of Herping

For those of you like me out there that can’t get enough of reptiles and amphibians I would like to introduce to you the wonderful world of herping.  I was introduced to this past time a few years back while completing an internship at the Oglebay Good Zoo.  While out looking for various salamanders as [...]

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The Plywood Experiment

One of the places I always look out for when I am herping is a place with old tin and plywood lying around on the ground.  Looking under tin and plywood is a great place to find all kinds of reptiles and amphibians as well as various arthropods.  Old tin and plywood provide a great [...]

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Finding Something New

Hey everyone!  I am a new Wildlife Conservation intern here at Piedmont Wildlife Center.  The one thing that everyone here has found out quickly about me is that I love reptiles, especially snakes.  So taking care of the reptiles that the center has and doing the Box Turtle survey are right up my alley.  But [...]

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September Species of the Month

Piedmont Wildlife Center has acquired an Eastern King snake, which is why it is our September species of the month.  Come see it, as well as our new snakes the red-sided garter snake and a new black rat snake, at outreach events and at the cabin. The Eastern King snake (Lampropeltis getula getula) are found in a range that spans north-to-south from [...]

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